Andelcrag Althing and Annual Spring Archery Silliness
“It’s Only a Fletch Wound!”


Saturday May 11, 2019
9am – 9pm

Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club
2380 Central Rd, Muskegon, MI 49445
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Event Details

Attendance fee: By donation only (shrubbery accepted)

Children accompanied by non-parental adults? There are two forms that must be signed by the custodial parent:
Click here for Minor Consent to Participate Waiver
Click here for Medical Authorization for Minors

A Note for Parents: Children are welcome to join any activity with their parents.

Food: Join our potluck lunch—see below for the “Food on Sticks” Challenge! Our day ends with a dinner feast, see below. Tickets are $10 each.

Alcohol: Alcohol is allowed during dinner only. Cover modern containers, please.

Event Steward: Soffeke Stoterogghen (Amy Urick), 616-644-5715

New to the Society for Creative Anachronism? All are welcome, whether just curious or seriously interested! This is not a Renaissance Faire strictly for entertainment, but living history that anyone can join. Costume is optional for first time attendees, although an attempt at pre-17th century clothing is appreciated. Click here to learn more about the SCA. Contact the Event Steward with questions. SCA Inc., Barony of Andelcrag and Hamlet of Dun Traigh are not related in any way to Monty Python or The Holy Grail, but this event plays heavily on those themes just for fun!

Archery the SCA way

The knowledge, construction, and safe use of pre-17th century style equipment are the goals of SCA archery. Some modern equipment is permitted provided it meets our standards. Bring what you have, but be prepared for SCA marshals to inspect and perhaps prohibit use of your bow or arrows during our event. Ask to borrow—there is loaner equipment available and many members are willing to share what they have!

The outdoor 3D range will be in use by Muskegon Bowmen members and West Michigan Bow Hunters’ Traveling League during our event. SCA shooters are asked to stay off the trails. Thank you!

Contact the Archery Marshal in Charge: Elena Khitraia Anton’eva doch’

ItsOnlyAFletchWoundShooting Games

Fun themed shoots are being planned, including the Three-Headed Knight, the Black Knight (with removable arms and legs), the Killer Rabbit, the Knights Who Say Ni, vicious Keep Left signs, and we’ll be launching cows from the “castle” atop the elevated platform.

Greenwood Challenge sponsored by Baron Padraig MacRaighne: one end of six arrows against a crossbow shooter and one end of six arrows against a handbow shooter. Strictly win or lose for fun only. Time TBA.

Open shooting will be available all day when marshals are present. Our facility has ranges both indoors and outdoors.


  • How to Shoot at Your Feet Without Hitting Your Feet (Shooting at Close Targets)
    Time: 11:30 a.m.

    Baroness GenRose teaches simple techniques for shooting at close range targets; outside, weather permitting. A variety of targets will be available for the class to shoot at. Bring your own bow and arrows.

Want to teach a class or get more info? Contact Soffeke Stoterogghen

Andelcrag Baronial Championships

From the Baron and Baroness: We request that those gentles interested in serving as one of our Champions:

  1. Bring with you an arts or sciences project to demonstrate your involvement in that aspect of the Society. Your project does not have to be new and will not have an impact on the Champion competition EXCEPT in the case of the A&S Champion (in which case it WILL)
    IF you are seeking to become A&S Champion we expect you to take part in a martial activity in some fashion. That participation could be marshaling, bearing water, shooting target archery, throwing weapons, competing in armored or rapier combat or some other idea.
  2. Submit to us in advance OR bring with you on the day of the event a letter of recommendation from a member of the Baronial Populace describing your worthiness to be considered as a Champion.

Our expectations for our Champions are simple.

  1. Be Available — we recognize family and RLW (real life wins) if you know you can only attend 1 event in 6 months maybe contend next year. But if you can reasonably attend events please come out and vie to be our Champions.
  2. BE NICE AND SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU, AND IT’S MY PLEASURE ALOT. (And mean it) Although maybe some consider this a lesson learned before kindergarten we want to emphasize its importance. Graciousness is not to be lost in our Barony.
  3. Do your best.

We want to thank everyone in advance for your participation and we look forward to a fun year with our Champions.

Archery Championship

There will be three challenges for this tourney:
  • First will be a target shoot which will consist of blowing up the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch.
  • Second will be a test of skill shooting ground targets, killing the Killer Rabbit of the Cave.
  • Third will be shot from the Window of the Tower at ground targets.

All skill levels are encouraged to participate in the tournament for Baronial Archery Champion. Their Excellencies will not only be looking at skill with the bow for Their champion, but also courtesy on the line to your fellow archers, kindness, helpfulness, leadership, chivalry and also fun. — Forester Geniveve Rose de Glendalough

Armored Championship

“HUGE tracts of land” challenge:
His excellency likes nothing more than to see the lands of his barony protected. Thusly, you are not allowed to hit the HUGE tracts of land on your opponent. Head shots and limbs only.

“Monkey knife fight” challenge:
Have you ever seen two monkeys go at it with knives, their little teeth bared, flailing all around, and their pointy little knives going stabbity, stabbity, stabbity? No? Me either. I’m curious. Daggers and bucklers only. Yes, you can dual-wield daggers if you’re authorized in that style.

“Brain over brawn” challenge:
In order to hit your opponent, you must answer a trivia question read by the Marshal. Upon a correct answer, you are allowed to attempt to strike your opponent. They may defend but not strike back. Normal rules of combat apply, including those for limbs and kill shots. I.E. you can lose limbs and still not be out of that round.

All challenges are elimination style unless circumstances deem otherwise. I hope everyone with a heavy kit in Andelcrag shows up to enter. See you in the lists! — Lady Úlfarna Kjellen

Arts and Sciences Championship

Almost everyone in the SCA has been up the night before an event finishing up a project. Sometimes these are preplanned and just took longer than expected; some are very, very last minute. Show us something you started and finished within a week—a last minute garb, armor, or A&S style project—and the story behind it.

In contrast, some projects take time and resource planning. Show us a project started within the last year—in progress or completed—that was not last minute. — The Honorable Lady Kateline Crowe

Their Excellencies Andelcrag want to reiterate that people should enter even if they feel they don’t have documentation that would win an entry. This is about recognizing work. Sometimes it requires feedback to learn. The same to be said for any entry for our other champions. We want to encourage people to enter an item they made, even if it is not something they would submit into an A&S.

Rapier Championship

The Andelcrag Baronial Rapier Championship will be held at Baronial Border War, on June 15, 2019.

Silent Auction

Our silent auction of gently used items donated by members raises funds for event expenses. The auction closes at 4pm. Thank you to everyone who donates and buys, your support helps keep this event free! Contact: Elena Khitraia Anton’eva doch’

Additional merchants are certainly welcome, but are advised that our indoor space will be limited. Contact Soffeke Stoterogghen

Lunch Potluck

lunchforyousir“Lunch for you, sir.”

Food on Sticks Challenge:
To enter, bring a dish to pass that is served on a stick. Bonus for fletched sticks, or any other Monty Python silliness you can come up with! Vote for your favorite food-on-a-stick with your coin—proceeds help keep our event free. Winner will be awarded… something. We’ll think of something.

Any other potluck dishes not served on sticks are welcome too. All are welcome to eat with us. Coffee, tea and lemonade will be provided.

Evening Feast

Our event wraps up with good food and more Monty Python silliness. Tickets are $10 per head, seats are limited.

Feast will be served shortly after court takes place, approximately 6:00pm. A table will also be available for off-board participation for those who can’t or don’t want to partake of the feast—bring your own food and stay to enjoy the entertainments. Perfect for kids who are picky eaters!


On the Table — Crustrolles, Fresh Herb Cheese, Dried Fruits

Second Course — Salmon Pie with Cameline Sauce, Salat, Lente Frytoures

Third Course —Sawse Madame per Forme of Cury, Carrots and Parsnips in Wine Sauce, Black Porray

Fourth Course —Strawberry Tart, Rysshews of Fruit

Menu subject to change if needed. Feast Stewards: Cedach and Meabh ingen Carthaig