Fall Harvest Festival

Saturday December 2, 2017
10am – 8pm

WayPoint Community Church
3041 96th Avenue, Zeeland MI 49464

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Event Details

Attendance is FREE… donations accepted.

Children accompanied by non-parental adults?
There are two forms that must be signed by the custodial parent:
Click here for Minor Consent to Participate Waiver
Click here for Medical Authorization for Minors (notary not required if witnessed by a third party)

Food: Lunch will be available for purchase; bring a dish to pass for evening feast. See below for details.

Alcohol: Sorry, but alcohol is not allowed.

Day Camps: There is some room for day camps, but the site includes plenty of tables and chairs. Banners on stands are welcome, but please consider leaving bulky furniture at home, thanks!

Event Stewards: Soffeke Stoterogghen (Amy Urick), 616-644-5715; and Istvan Valkai (Charles Stefanich), 616-834-2178

New to the SCA? All are welcome, whether just curious or seriously interested! This is not a Renaissance Faire strictly for entertainment, but living history that anyone can join. Costume is optional, although an attempt at pre-17th century clothing is appreciated. Click here to learn more about the SCA. Contact the Event Steward with questions.


This year we want to sing, dance and be merry! Bring your instruments, bring your stories and songs, bring your dancing shoes and your listening ears! This will be a day for enjoying and learning about pre-seventeenth century music (or SCA compositions, the “current Middle Ages,” in that style).

Be warned, this is not a concert event! Our site isn’t a concert space. We will be in one large-ish room together; and we won’t have a schedule, a stage, or arranged seating for an audience. But musicians of all types and abilities can play, jam, learn, share, teach, and perform in a very informal and non-judgemental setting. Multiple small jam sessions can take place at the same time, and we can offer tables or floor space for classes or instrument show-and-tell. Non-musicians are encouraged to listen, ask questions, and join in!

We will have an area of floor marked out for dance and performance space, and our herald will stand ready to call the room to attend if anyone wants to offer an impromptu performance. We ask that individual performances be kept short so that everyone can have a chance. There will not be a performance or dance schedule during the day. There will be a sign-up schedule for performances during dinner, so please consider showing us what you can do!


Want to play games, work on a craft, or just hang with friends? We can’t offer you a separate room for your activity, but feel free to bring your “toys” and enjoy the day with us!

What about kids? Children are welcome to join any dance, song, game or activity with their parents, and definitely welcome to perform if they want to! In addition, we will have an activity table with parent-guided craft projects and mini catapults for families to play with together.

Tavern Lunch

$5 Meal: Cornish pasties (beef, rice and veg; or just rice and veg) with optional gravy; salad of apple and cabbage. Dessert to be determined. Drinks include coffee, tea, hot cocoa, assorted Coke products. Tavern opens at 11:30 am, and will close at 2:00 pm or when all is sold. Dietary concerns or other questions? Contact Soffeke, all reasonable requests will be met.

Silent Auction

Our silent auction of gently used items donated by members raises funds for event expenses and for the educational demonstrations that Dun Traigh offers throughout the year. The auction closes at 4pm. Thank you to everyone who donates and buys! Contact: Elena Khitraia Anton’eva doch’ (Tami Meyers)

Evening Feast

“Pot-luck” appears in the 16th century English work of Thomas Nashe, meaning “food provided for an unexpected or uninvited guest, the luck of the pot.”

Our event wraps up with good food, performances and dancing. Bring a dish to pass and join us for a buffet feast at 6pm. Historically accurate dishes are appreciated, but not required. Please bring a list of ingredients, including all spices and seasonings. If you bring a recipe you’ve researched, please share whatever documentation you have so we can all learn something new. Thanks!

Want to try making a period recipe, but don’t know where to start? Here’s two great and easy resources:
Gode Cookery
Cariadoc’s Miscellany