It’s Only A Fletch Wound!

Dun Traigh’s Spring Archery Event — a day of traditional archery and medieval shooting games!


Saturday April 29, 2017
10am – 8pm

Muskegon Bowmen Archery Club
2380 Central Rd, Muskegon, MI 49445
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Event Details

Attendance fee: By donation only (shrubbery accepted)

Children accompanied by non-parental adults? There are two forms that must be signed by the custodial parent:
Click here for Minor Consent to Participate Waiver
Click here for Medical Authorization for Minors

Food: Lunch is available for purchase during the event. We end our event with a dinner feast, tickets are $8 each. See below for details.

Alcohol: Alcohol is allowed during dinner only. Modern containers are to be covered, please.

Event Steward: Istvan Valkai (Charles Stefanich), 616-834-2178

New to the Society for Creative Anachronism? All are welcome, whether just curious or seriously interested! This is not a Renaissance Faire strictly for entertainment, but living history that anyone can join. Costume is optional for first time attendees, although an attempt at pre-17th century clothing is appreciated. Click here to learn more about the SCA. Contact the Event Steward with questions. SCA, Inc., Canton of Dun Traigh is not related in any way to Monty Python or The Holy Grail, but this event plays heavily on those themes!

Archery, SCA style!

The knowledge, construction, and safe use of pre-17th century style equipment are the goals of SCA archery. Modern equipment is permitted provided it meets our standards. Bring what you have, but be prepared for SCA marshals to inspect and perhaps prohibit use of your bow or arrows during our event. Ask to borrow—there is loaner equipment available and many members are willing to share what they have!

Contact the Archery Marshal in Charge: Elena Khitraia Anton’eva doch’ (Tami Meyers)

A Note for Parents: Children are welcome to join any activity with their parents. Youth coordinator: Morgan Wynn De Byrd (Windi Sievers).


Classes last 30 minutes to 1 hour, and are open to all ages (unless otherwise stated).

1:00pm — How to Shoot at Your Feet Without Hitting Your Feet (Shooting at close targets) — Baroness GenRose
Simple techniques on how to shoot at close range targets. Meet us at the archery range, weather permitting; please bring your own bow and arrows.

2:00pm — Intro to Combat Archery — Thegn Edward Aelredson
General info about combat archery and what you need to know to get started, plus a chance to try out some combat archery equipment on the archery range.

Want to teach a class or get more info? Contact Elena Khitraia Anton’eva doch’ (Tami Meyers)

Shooting Games and Tourneys

10:30 – 11:00 am — Inspection and Open Shooting, all ranges with marshals present

Full day’s schedule to include:

  • I’m Invincible! — Shoot the Black Knight; bonus points for taking off his arms and legs.
  • Boar Hunt — Scored tournament
  • Castle Window Shoot — Aim through the castle window
  • Defend the Castle — Shoot down at the invading army from above
  • SCA vs Bowmen Challenge
  • … and more!

Open shooting at indoor range available all day when marshals are present. Tournaments are open to all ages.

Silent Auction

Our silent auction of gently used items donated by members raises funds for event expenses and for the educational demonstrations that Dun Traigh offers throughout the year. The auction closes at 4pm. Thank you to everyone who donates and buys! Contact: Elena Khitraia Anton’eva doch’ (Tami Meyers)

Additional merchants are certainly welcome, but are advised that our indoor space is very small. Merchants may consider selling wares while running a workshop on an archery-related topic. Contact Istvan Valkai (Charles Stefanich)

Tavern Lunch

The menu: Spam, eggs, bacon and spam; or Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce and spam spam spam … (served by Vikings, naturally)
We apologize for the fault in our menu. Those responsible have been sacked.
A Møøse once bit my sister
We apologise again for the fault in our menu. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.
Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti … (Monty Python really had a thing for Vikings, didn’t they?)
The directors of the firm hired to continue the menu after the other people had been sacked, wish it to be known that they have just been sacked.

On the actual menu:
Boiled pork, honey-glazed root veggies, bulgur wheat pudding with walnuts, and for dessert, strawberry cheesecake (you can pretend it’s skyr if you really want to).
Drink is included (assorted sodas, water, lemonade, cider, coffee and tea) in the $5 meal deal.
Boiled eggs and apples à la carte, and yes, fried spam on a stick.

Served by Vikings. Er, just one Viking, a lovely young lady who’s hoping you’ll buy a meal of delicious real Viking food for $5 and help her get to band camp.
Questions? Contact Soffeke Spam Spam Stoterogghen

Evening Feast

Our event wraps up with good food and more Monty Python silliness — tickets are $8 each (children of lap-sitting age are free). Feast will be served approximately at 6:00pm.

A table will also be available for off-board participation! For those who can’t or don’t want to partake of the feast, bring your own food (or a dish to pass) and stay to enjoy the entertainments! Perfect for kids who are picky eaters!

First Course

Cut down a tree with… a Herring!   Bacon wrapped cod
A lovely bit of filth.                                 Chick pea puree and bread
I fart in your general direction!         Apple and onion salad

Second Course

Holy hand grenade of Antioch         Orange salad
A Beast Most Foul                                 Roast rabbit with leek sauce
It’s a witch!                                             Carrots
Bring out your dead!!                         Meatballs

Third course

A laden swallow…                              Cornish hen with stuffed eggs
A shrubbery!                                          Salad
None shall pass!                                   Cheese and Bread
A Watery Tart…                                    Peach tart

Now go away!!

Castle Anthrax                                      Cake
Huge… tracks of land!                      Apple Pastry

And your father smells of elderberry!  Elderberry juice

Feast Stewards: Mairghread Brightmore (Jamie Kipp), Thomasette de Harfleur (TJ Wright), and Adallisia Moglie di Simon Varzi (Heather Hemphill)